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About Sumaris

A Little Background...

Who is Sumaris?

Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops founded Sumaris Psychic Education Center in 1978 in Essex, England. Sumaris Education Center was later established in California in 1983 and transferred to Arizona in 2000, when she moved with her late husband, Dr. Steve Van Coops, then focusing on healing the whole person with her seven therapies that remove stress, fear, pain, anger, guilt and states of loss, along with emotional and mental issues that seem impossible to heal.

Prof. Margaret's two Ph. D's were awarded for her pioneer work and research into the realms of the paranormal, psychology, psychiatry, evolving therapies as well as her incredible crystal therapies, hypnosis techniques, multifaceted religious studies. She has been a public figure for more than 60 years, where her teachings and courses have been shared in over 15 countries worldwide. Her research and accomplishments as an accurate counselor, adept in mediumship, is well explained in all her books, videos, and radio shows. She is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, Master Healer in a variety of alternative therapies, and Counselor. She has developed a web presence, including a shopping cart for the website. Dr. Margaret is currently serving as elected Head Pastor & Director of Education of Universal Christ Church (School of Spiritualism) under which her School is registered. Her international schedule includes demonstrations, lectures, workshops, courses and seminars. Private education can be made available.

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Our Services

Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncture, TrinityStone Healing & Margaret's Original Teragram Therapy

Combining spiritual counselling with healing therapies

Offering Margaret's miracle touch, hourly treatment sessions

Invitations to Speak

Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops will consider invitations to lecture, demonstrate and give seminars and workshops at your convention or expo. Her fees are negotiable, depending on where the events are held. Normally, as a keynote speaker, she is invited for a fee that includes her expenses and some overheads with room and board arranged. Dr. Margaret, as she likes to be called, will consider your proposal. Call 928-486-1893 for events at least 3 months in advance.

Foreign Countries: Prices: All in inclusive fee for flight to a country and accommodation to be paid by host. Lecture fee and workshop fees to be agreed upon relative to circumstances and attendees. Extra venue events, i.e., post-conference workshops/courses can be arranged as well as private sessions to be negotiated.

USA: State by State may be near or far. Fees and terms of agreement to be negotiated individually relative to circumstance and format of events. Post events: workshop, courses and sessions to be negotiated: Call 928-486-1893.

Sumaris Fees

On The Road price:
Private reading sessions: $250 per hour.
Metaphysical Healing Sessions: 2 hrs + $700 – $1000
Hypnosis session & Intake: 2 hrs: $450
Soul Structure Coding Reading & Counseling: $700

Local attendees in Lake Havasu City: $150 first hour + $100 each further hour.

Note: Those in need without funds can receive free help locally under Reverend Margaret’s Ministry, Universal Christ Church. Call and meet her to see what can be done: 928-486-1893

Internationally Renowned,

Sumaris Education Center

Lead by Dr. Margaret, Ph.D., O.M. Metaphysician, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Minister, Multi-dynamic therapist, psychotherapist, Counselor and creator of 7 Crystal Therapies & Sensory Touch Therapy (STT)

Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy

TrinityStone Healing Therapy

Sensory Touch Therapy (STT)

Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Ph.D., O.M. Metaphysician

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