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Attend in person at Sumaris Education Center in Lake Havasu City. AZ. Dr Margaret will focus on your Illness & Disease, taking into account, your whole personal life, family influences, working life, etc., over a period of three hours or more. In some cases where the mental, and emotional trauma has created a negative outlook on life, Dr Margaret will need two days do an Intake, counsel, channel guidance and prepare the patient to be open to spiritual healing with

All About Chakras & Their Purpose Within The Human Body Chakras Are key to Living life healthily! Prof. Margaret will have a series of lectures for students to listen to as time passes.  She intends to add a new lecture twice a month. Students can join and listen during their own free time. Simply register for these talks and others as she adds more month by month. To make an appointment Call 928-486-1893

Prof. Margaret will be sharing her wisdom in lectures with groups on-line to understand the working of the conscious, subconscious and deep-subconscious that can either cause doubt, fears, panic etc., or awaken one to talents and skills. In these talks, students will learn how both the negative and positive can combine to create friction, that will transform a person’s life in awakening spiritual awareness on all levels of living life. She will also give practical experiences with meditations and hypnosis. To

In the coming months Prof. Margaret will be teaching online and at the Local College in Lake Havasu City. Students are invited to attend introductive talks, classes and courses at minimal fees either charged at MCC or at Sumaris Education Center, now opened at her home. Later she will be teaching online in-depth courses when students request training either by one on one or in groups. Certificate and diplomas will be issued under Universal Christ Church & Sumaris Education Center. Topic

Lectures on Channeling The Oneness, leading to understanding touch and how it works to assist in Reiki, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and various other techniques will be discussed. Students will enjoy practical aspects of healing self in these talks that will take place once a month. Dates to be arranged. Crystal Therapies Available in person with Dr. Margaret: Crystal Acupuncturesm: Provides an opening up and alignment of the Meridians throughout the body, including the brain. The five Bodies that combined create the Aura, are aligned. Teragramsm

Crystal Acupuncturesm Kit: This amazing kit contains 8 crystals that will align the 5 Bodies that make up your Aura by releasing negativity from your physical cells throughout your body, while releasing emotional fear, pain, anger, guilt and losses that have accumulated throughout your entire life. Included in this kit is a pendulum for dowsing your focus on healing yourself day by day as desired.  A beginner’s book is included giving direction and focus. Prof. Margaret’s book: Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncturesm