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Psychic Healing

Lectures on Channeling The Oneness, leading to understanding touch and how it works to assist in Reiki, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and various other techniques will be discussed. Students will enjoy practical aspects of healing self in these talks that will take place once a month. Dates to be arranged.

Crystal Therapies Available in person with Dr. Margaret:

Crystal Acupuncturesm:

Provides an opening up and alignment of the Meridians throughout the body, including the brain. The five Bodies that combined create the Aura, are aligned.

Teragramsm Therapy:

Teragrams are used to restructure each Major and Minor Chara, strengthening each vortex to rotate faster, allowing protection and self-esteem to greatly improve, along with a spiritual connection with The Oneness.

Beauty Crystal Acupuncturesm 

This Therapy not only softens your look, but also removes tiny lines around the eyes and face, while also removing issues stored in the Throat Chakra relative to negative history. More advanced healing removed issues with ENT.

Spiritual Crystal Acupuncturesm

With the use of points and triangles cut in various stones that can assist an individual to overcome fear and anxiety, even awaken from a coma as well as to connect with Spirit Guides who teach and heal. Dr. Margaret’s healing hands work in removing fear, pain, anger, guilt, loss etc. from the physical body as well as realigning the conscious, subconscious and deep-subconscious aspects of the brain. Patient awakens to a sense of The Oneness.

Core Teragramsm Therapy

Dr Margaret focuses on deep issues from childbirth, abuse and current emotional traumatic issues from self-abuse or from others that have caused sorrow and fear of life. This treatment awakens a sense of well-being and love, once the negativity is removed.

TrinityStonesm Healing Therapy

With the use of isosceles & equilateral triangles, various illnesses and diseases can be healed with sound therapy and these amazing powerful stones. Dr. Margaret removes negative history by releasing associated events stored on a cellular-neuro-muscular- memory level where history has been encoded into the bodies 5 systems. This release is often sensed as a miracle. Dr. Margaret follows with channeling counsel for direction and purpose. 

Aromatherapy with Reflexology & Other Therapies included:

Dr. Margaret often combines all of the above to work on a person. This can take up several hours of counseling and table work spread over two days. Each person is very individual, and each takes their own time to evolve under the nurturing care of Dr. Margaret’s Spiritual guidance from Master Teachers who work with her.  Accommodation is available at Sumaris Education Center in her home.

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