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Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncture, TrinityStone Healing & Margaret's Original Teragram Therapy

Combining spiritual counseling with healing touch, sound and light therapies

Offering Margaret's miracle touch in hourly treatment sessions

Balancing & Harmonizing your Chakra system

Hypnotherapy and Systematic program of counseling

Intensive Training & Certification Programs available

Under Universal Christ Church,

Sumaris Education Center

Lead by Dr. Margaret, Ph.D., O.M. Metaphysician, Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Minister, Multi-dynamic therapist, psychotherapist, Counselor and creator of 7 Crystal Therapies & Sensory Touch Therapy (STT)

Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy

TrinityStone Healing Therapy

Sensory Touch Therapy (STT)

Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Ph.D., O.M. Metaphysician


A great place for spiritual development and healing.

Kimberly Christine

What wonderful people and great place for all your spiritual needs!!!

Paula Rookey Olson

Love this center...I feel very welcome every time I go. I have been going Monday night at 7pm for the past 4 weeks. and my life has improved so much. im able to see things from a different point of view...they help with depression and anxiety. If anyone is seeking help this is the place to go.

Camesha Roses

Working remotely with Dr Margaret ans Steve has been a dream. I highly recommended a series of regular phone sessions and her hynotherapy audios. You get to keep clearing away your issues on your own time each time you listen. Amazing results in just a short time. So grateful!

Heather L. Tapia

Dr. Margaret taught me a lot of things and strengthened my deeply wounded heart. Understanding problems with readings and counseling. Metaphysiotherapy helped me get out of depression and dependence by recharging my energy, letting go of deep negative consciousness, and converting it into a better way of thinking. Dr. Margaret's power to see through the very essence of a problem instantly and to lead. Variety of methods . A lot of knowledge. We appreciate your kindness. I am now happily working as a therapist in Japan. Thanks to Dr. Margaret. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Translated)

Student, Japan

Thank you for all your remote healing on myself and my brother. He is so much better and my body is stronger. My skin has improved and my neighbors are no longer bothering me, since I asked you to help me deal with them. Well, they just moved out, so now I am happy staying where I am. Oh, and thank you for healing my sister too.

Student, UK

Hello, well i have been using your wound care suggestions for about a week now and i am seeing good results see my doc. on Thursday can't wate to show them what we have done. thank you so much. Also tried Teragram therapy last night holy crap almost did not make it out of bed this morning was not ready for the anger i woke up with or the body pain. Wow talk about spinning in place. but things seem to be better now. hope you and yours are well and safe.


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Journey Into An Unknown World, Dr Margaret Rogers Van Coops takes a metaphysical slant on major current issues, sharing her uncanny knowledge and wisdom to explain strange and unusual perspectives on topics ranging from health to environment to paranormal events.