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Crystal Therapies

Crystal Acupuncturesm Kit:

This amazing kit contains 8 crystals that will align the 5 Bodies that make up your Aura by releasing negativity from your physical cells throughout your body, while releasing emotional fear, pain, anger, guilt and losses that have accumulated throughout your entire life. Included in this kit is a pendulum for dowsing your focus on healing yourself day by day as desired.  A beginner’s book is included giving direction and focus. Prof. Margaret’s book: Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy is recommended for full understanding of this amazing therapy.

Spiritual Crystal Acupuncturesm Kit

With the use of 4 crystal points, you will be able to prepare yourself for releasing history and awakening to new spiritual understanding with this kit that include 4 points and 5 equilateral triangles that when placed on the chakras will assist in meditation and spiritual connections with Spirit Guides and God. A booklet is included giving simple directions. More information is given in Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy

Teragramsm Therapy

This kit contains six colored Geode slices called Teragrams, that when placed upon the Major Chakras, will stimulate each chakra to rotate at a faster speed, resulting in a much increased release of negativity, leaving the user relaxed and at peace. These can be used at night to sleep. Rolling over them also releases pains and stiffness of the body, while allowing negative issues to be released whether awake or asleep. A single Teragram can be tied to a limb during waking hours to amend and release pain. More information in Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy

Note: For serious students studying with Prof. Margaret, there are further kits to obtain:

  • Beauty Crystal Acupuncturesm Kits – for face, mentality and working with Throat Chakra.
  • Core Teragramsm Kits – To release trauma from various harms and accidents etc.
  • Ascension Crystal Acupuncturesm kit- For Meditation and connections to The Oneness
  • Transformation Crystal Acupuncturesm Kit – For releasing negative history

See back of Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy