Grandfather’s legacy

Major Charles Aubrey Pogson Sn., was a most interesting man. When I was about seven, he took me out into a large field, placed his water divining T shaped piece of metal in my hands and ordered me to pace around with the point up looking for water. Since I have no idea what I was doing, I did as I was told. Not long after walking, the point turned down. I stopped to ask him why and saw his excited face smiling away at me, while he went on and on, about I have the gift too. But what was the gift? Finally, he explained to me that everyone can attune to the earth. I had found a water pipe under the earth, which he had known was there. He had me search for several things in the field, including pots. Yes, I found some broken ones too. This field had been a burial site from ancient times, and he had tested me that day.

Well, since then, I have learned to dowse the human body and find the flaws, illnesses and ways the human body works. We all have a magnetic polarity with the earth and have within us the ability to attune to what is under the earth as well as within ourselves. Divining is an interesting hobby and a wonderful healing tool too. If you go to the countryside, have a go!