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Certification Education

In the coming months Prof. Margaret will be teaching online and at the Local College in Lake Havasu City. Students are invited to attend introductive talks, classes and courses at minimal fees either charged at MCC or at Sumaris Education Center, now opened at her home. Later she will be teaching online in-depth courses when students request training either by one on one or in groups. Certificate and diplomas will be issued under Universal Christ Church & Sumaris Education Center.

Topic being planned for students:

  • Both Introductory & further intensive courses in Psychic Development
  • Introductory course in PTSD
  • Introductory audio lectures and course in various healing modalities
  • Introductory lectures & courses on all her crystal therapies
  • Introductory workshop in hands on healing with various therapies
  • Religious education relative to awareness & spiritual growth lectures

More to come as time passes
Please Call Prof. Margaret to discuss current programs 928-486-1893