Journey Into An Unknown World:


This inspiring work delves into the cosmology of multi-dimensional spiritual existence. Beginning with the “Word” as vibrational consciousness, this book takes you on a journey through the principles of creation, separation, the descending and sending currents, faith, intuition, belief and evolution. The various sub-divisional cosmologies of the seven archetypes and planes of existence are viewed. Also, incarnation, reincarnation, and the Akashic Records are explained as an inter-relationship with the deep-subsonscous and the Chakras. Of particularly unique interest is the principle of soul fragmentation that the book discusses throughout the text. “The Way To Oneness” concludes with the practical steps and techniques for emotional balancing and relaxation, disciplinary exercises and various other psychic tools such as astrology, numerology, graphology, and palmistry.

Amended version: Journey Into An Unknown World: The Way To Oneness Revisited: Published 2013