Down to Earth, SpiritPro-life: Pro-Choice: PRO-SPIRIT!

Pro-life: Pro-Choice: PRO-SPIRIT!


Every woman wonders about herself and her choices. In this book the real truth is clearly shown through Margaret Rogers’ own personal experiences with her family and clients as well as conversations with Spirit. You will learn what the Spirit has already decided and how that controls issues around birth and death. Is everything pre-ordained?

Abortion! The very word evokes emotions in almost all normal, rational minds. Right or wrong? Moral or immoral? Should it be legal or illegal? These are among the burning questions of our time. Advocates of both sides have thrown themselves at each other’s faces even to the point of violence and homicide. This book is a must read for women who have been, are now or are likely to become pregnant. Without being judgmental, Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops shares the wisdom of Master Teachers to assist women to acknowledge, accept and deal with their circumstances. She has crossed the worldly boundaries to discover through her own experiences and those of others just what really happens from the point of view of the child-to-be’s Spirit and Spirit Master Teachers.

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